The Flash: Season 5 Reviews

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½ January 18, 2019
after a brilliant season 1, and a season 2 nothing short of godly, season 3 and four were huge disappointments for me. good to see season five finally get the franchise back to what it was
January 17, 2019
The Flash season 5 starts with a tremendous force that hooks you episode after episode. Cool.
January 14, 2019
The Flash has just the right amount of fun and seriousness to keep the audience entertained.
January 13, 2019
Grant Gustin was the perfect choice for this role. Seriously the charisma he has is ridiculous. My favourite show in the DC universe so far, though Arrow is a close second.
½ January 11, 2019
This season is honestly pretty good as surprising as being some type of snowbarry fan... tbh I am pretty curious of how they take the path of Barry and iris to see if hopefully to the love of God break them up because their should be born fuckint way they stay together after 2 seasons I mean seriously it doesn't make fucking sense I mean Barry fuckint manipulates everything and talks to the team like it's nothing acting like he's in love with Iris when we know you love caitlin Barry ever since 4x16 but theirs no way because the plot remains completely about them in a rant fycking fest i mean westallen better break up because season 3 they struggle with the future and now season 5 it is pretty clear they are meant for each other God dam it writers I mean are you retarded did you even think once on what the snowbarry fans want? We are the people we decide to get the right to decide which couple is end game unless you want me to come to Vancouver and show you them and write an episode for you. I mean like come on in season 1 and 2 Barry and caitlin had the sexual tension and now you just denied it like fuck you that should be fucking stressed in the flash if not you lose a viewer and a state of right but just to let you know snowbarry is end game or flash frogs because the trailer. And that is in our hearts we want snowbarry end game in season 5 or 6 so please don't dismiss or ignore this please read I maybe a crazy fan obsessed maniac but I completely believe you can make this happen. Thankyou and good bye Pice we are the snowbarry fut6re no looking back now! You have a storyline and an advantage use it
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